Our staff is comprised of wholesome people! The last thing you need is someone you can't trust in your backyard. Here at POOL POTIONS  we not only look for people with the technical skills needed to get the job done, we physically stop and say to ourselves, "is this person a GOOD person?" On the topic of technical skills, every year we as a company attend the Atlantic City Pool and Spa Convention and  engage in a variety of educational seminars to better educate ourselves about the products we install. We are in fact people that love what we do and spend time outside of our work hours to better ourselves for the benefit of our clients. 

Our staff: Pool Service Experts

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Over a decade ago I was a civil service employee sitting behind a desk being miserable. At that time I was in a band that was on the verge of a record deal so I decided to leave my job to pursue my musical career. However, music doesn't pay the bills so I went back to work part time for my family who owns a pool service company in the area, since I had worked for them prior in the summers while home from college. As time passed I left my parents company to learn the industry through a different set of eyes as working on swimming pools and pool repairs had become my growing passion. So I went out in search of someone else willing to help me refine my skills. Someone to show me how to get the same if not better results through a different method. After working for another company for a year I came back to my family's company for  4 years until I decided it was time. It was time to do this on my own. POOL POTIONS LLC was established in 2010 and has done nothing but grow since day one. Our commitment to the skilled execution of our craft is unrivaled by any other. We treat our clients like our friends and never cut corners. 

                       Mariel Mongero

                         Secretary aka "The Real Boss"

Brandon Mongero


We believe that perfection is in the hands of the technician. 

Have you ever had an employee from a pool service company show up at your house and just go through the motions just to get his job done and go home? Doesn't that make you feel like maybe the service you are getting at that moment is only as good as the attitude brought forth? Pool Potions guarantees all your pool repairs are being carefully performed by a friend and not just another worker. Our clients are always treated like family!

Here at POOL POTIONS we take the time to get to know our customers so we can provide them with the level of service they expect. We take our time and never rush on our installations to ensure the highest level of quality. Like I said, perfection is in the hands of the technician and a technician that does not like his job and is rushing to get the heck out of there will cut corners. This is something you will never find at POOL POTIONS. Our attention to detail is unrivaled and we love what we do for a living! We have a passion for helping people and want to make your summer exceptional.    Give us a call today!    845-878-5076