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How to check your chemicals.





Did you just say to close my pool late?

Yup I did! Closing your pool late allows us to clean all the falling leaves and debri out of the pool as it falls maintaining that perfect water chemistry we have had all season. Alot of clients stop weekly maintenance when they stop swimming. The truth is at that time its still hot enough outside for algae to bloom. Then the leaves start to fall. Then you call the pool guy. He comes to your house, tries to get as many leaves out as possible and winterizes the pool. However, the damage is already done. The water is full of leaf matter, insect bacteria and now we are about to put a cover on it and let it sit stagnant for a few months. YOU ARE 100% GUARANTEED to open up your swimming pool in the spring to black, green or even sometimes purple & orange water. Paying your service tech for those last weeks of the season is vital and can result in you opening your pool to crystal clear water if you take our advice on opening and closing times.

When should I open my swimming pool?

In general it is best to open your swimming pool early and close it late. The reason being is that most water bacteria problems occur from heat and stagnant water. Opening your pool early while temperatures are still cool allows us to get the water circulating before algae starts to bloom. It also allows us to deal with any problems that may arise before that big party weekend in May. Alot of you may say "I'm not paying for chemicals when i'm not swimming in the pool yet". The truth is when temperatures are cool the chlorine you already paid for in the opening will last you alot longer due to the suns rays not being so intense. The same will happen with any additional chlorine tablets added to the pool. The cost of running the pool will far outweigh the problems you may have if you wait until its hot.

Why should you buy your products from me?

ANSWER: We at POOL POTIONS always offer competitive prices on all our products, but with the advent of the internet anyone can search and find similar products at comprable if not lower prices than us pool guys can give you. So why buy from us? I answer that by saying you are paying for the years of knowledge and experience we put into our work to ensure that we as a company give you the best solution to whatever problem you may have. Pool sizing, flow rates and a whole host of environmental conditions are factors that are considered in the recomendation of any product for your pool. Additionally, when you buy a product online it does not come with a technician. (A smiley face to yell at if the product doesnt work right.) Every pool is different and problems do arise especially in climates such as the Northeast. You don't want to spend your entire 3 month season trying to solve an issue that could have been resolved immediately. We will be there until the product works perfectly. If it's a installation problem we will take care of it at no additional cost for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you purchase a product online you risk, paying the technician you hired to install the online-purchased product and then paying him to return multiple times when something goes wrong.You will get way better results yelling at a technician than a computer screen! TRUST ME! Moral of the story is we stand behind our work. We choose the right product for the application and install it correctly the first time. When purchasing a product from us we take all the guess work out of the equation so you can just relax and enjoy your pool!

Should I convert to a salt water pool? i hate using chlorine to sterilize my water.


ANSWER: Converting your pool to a salt water sanitizing setup WILL NOT allow you to sanitize your pool water without the use of chlorine. Salt systems actually employ a basic AC/DC reaction through an electrolytic cell to manufacture a purer form of chlorine, and then injects it into your pool water. The result is a purer form of chlorine gentler on the skin doing away with that sleepy-chlorinated feeling you have when you get out of the pool. For people with sensitive skin, this form of chlorine will not have the same impact as tablets or granular shock on your skin, it will be much more gentle. An even bigger benefit of converting to a Salt Pool are the savings that come along with the installation. No more buying a tub of expensive 3 inch tablets, no more granular shock packets. In fact, in most cases once the machine is calibrated, and salt is added and the water is initially balanced, the homeowner can save additional money on costly service calls when chlorine production needs to be increased by simply adjusting the generation output on the power center. REMEMBER THESE UNITS ONLY PRODUCE CHLORINE. These units are extremely user friendly once installed and are absolutely the way of the future in terms of water sanitation. However, they are not all inclusive. Sodium bicarbonate and Soda ash will still have to be added to the pool as needed to control acidity issues but are far less costly than purchasing chlorine.

Should I pump the water off of my pool cover, it seems weighed down?


ANSWER: Unless you have a brand new solid cover, pool covers are generally semi-permeable. This means water will travel through them at a very slow rate. This is so leaves and larger debri will remain screened out of the pool water through the winter. Even if you have a solid cover chances are over the years it has gotten a hole in it somewhere whether visible to the naked eye or not. So the best thing to do is to set up a cover pump on top of the pool cover and pump the water back under the cover into the pool exposing the debri on top of the cover so it can be removed. This is possible because the pump will discharge the water off faster than it can travel through the weaving or hole in the cover. I know your thinking "OH MY GOD NOW I HAVE DIRTY WATER IN MY POOL". With all due respect... who cares. That is what pool filters and chemicals are for. It is safer to keep your pool full for structural integrity. I have many customers call every year and say "I tried to discharge the water off my cover and into the woods to reduce the weight on the cover but now I think I have a leak". It's the concept of displacement; water in the pool on top of the cover or under the cover is still water in the pool. If your cover is semi-permeable or has a hole in it, the water will return and you will ultimately be draining your pool without even realizing it.